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The Endowment

The Endowment Fund is  an important piece of the puzzle as it will allow Wisconsin Rugby  Football Union   to continue   to support Rugby in perpetuity.   The hope is that our operations can be covered by the interest earned so we can maintain and advance our mission.


Our members recognize the value of social force. By banding together and pooling our contributions, we can have considerably more effect than we could as individuals.
The Endowment has been created to build  for the future. The funds, collected over many years, through contributions from many different groups, and protected by the Union, will be a testament to the dedication we all have in growth of amateur rugby and the future of Wisconsin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your contribution to the Endowment fills a pool of funds that are invested in an account designed to support Wisconsin Rugby Football Union and its future, the future of its member clubs, and Rugby in the State of Wisconsin.

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