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We Are Wisconsin

We're dedicated to growth, development, and involvement of as many people as possible in Rugby and Personal Success including the promotion of youth and international amateur athletics and to play FORWARD.

Wisconsin Rugby Football Union was established in 1964, with the purpose of supporting all Rugby within Wisconsin. Most Senior Rugby Clubs were established under the Union, as well as, the beginnings of Collegiate Rugby, High School Rugby, Youth Rugby, and Flag Rugby. The Union's form has changed and evolved over the decades but its purpose remains; support and promotion.

The Union remains committed to support and assist Senior Clubs, Collegiate, High School, Youth, Flag, Wisconsin Rugby Referee Society, Wisconsin Rugby Coaches Society, and territorial and national governing bodies. Further, the Union remains committed to sponsor and coordinate events on a statewide and international level.

Wisconsin Rugby Football Union continues as a Charity and Nonprofit to fulfill its purpose and lead Wisconsin Rugby, Forward. 

What We Are About


The Union has touched the lives of Hundreds, Thousands since its founding. Many have found a life-long fellowship within the Rugby community. We pride ourselves on inclusivity and continued devotion to providing Community.


Rugby is a sport of creativity. For all its proceeding reputation for ferociousness, it is the creativity that defines the play on the field and is a design for our goals off the field. We continue to grow, both within ourselves and the Community.


We support all levels of rugby and persons who participate. We directly represent senior clubs from across Wisconsin, and engage in all other levels of rugby from Flag to Collegiate. Our Members are an integral part of every level and feature in Wisconsin and are from a diverse collection of backgrounds. Wisconsin Rugby cuts across multiple barriers and communities; and pursues continuing community growth and diversity. Rugby remains a game for all, and we hope to support and provide Rugby to them.

The Five Pillars



Integrity is central to the fabric of the game and is generated through honesty and fair play.



Rugby people have a passionate enthusiasm for the game. Rugby generates excitement, emotional attachment and a sense of belonging to the global rugby family.



Rugby provides a unifying spirit that leads to life-long friendships, camaraderie, teamwork and loyalty which transcends cultural, geographic, political and religious differences.



Discipline is an integral part of the game both on and off the field and is reflected through adherence to the laws, the
regulations and rugby’s core values.



Respect for team-mates, opponents, match officials and those involved in the game is paramount.

Meet the Officers

Past Presidents

Brian Gleason (2023) - At-Large

Todd Prochniak (2016-2023) - Green Bay RFC
Victor Drover (2011-2015) - Milwaukee Barbarians/Harlequins
Stas Garbasz (2007-2010) - Milwaukee RFC
Tom Schmidt (2003-2006) - Milwaukee Barbarians/Harlequins
Chris Grove (1998-2002) - Milwaukee RFC
John Grunlund (1993-1997) - Oshkosh RFC
Bill Katzfey - Milwaukee Black and Blue RFC
Stu Pippel - Wisconsin RC
Bill Podewils - Milwaukee RFC

Member Clubs

The WRFU is a local-area rugby union. We receive and respect administrative and on-field guidance from the following governing bodies:

The WRFU provides organizational and promotional support for rugby in and around the state of Wisconsin.

However, the WRFU does not sanction participation nor insure participants against injury. Sanctioning and liability is handled entirely by the National governing body (see above) for both players and venue owners.

Further, the WRFU does not recruit nor register players, coaches, or other participants. This occurs on a club/team basis, which are independent legal entities with their own internal processes for risk assessment and liability management.

Governing Bodies


Wisconsin Rugby Referee Society

The Wisconsin Rugby Referee Society (WRRS) is a WRFU member that operates as an independent body whose purpose is to train, instruct, develop, and assign referees. If you would like to become a referee, contact the President at

Referee Assignment

Referee assignments are completed on

Contact your referee a minimum 3 days in advance of a match with time, location, local amenities (bathrooms, water, food, and social information). You can request Assistant Referees through RefUp as well. WRRS assigns referees to matches based on experience, availability, and proximity.

Additional Help:

Current Referee Assignments

WRRS Referee Contacts


Schedule of Fees/Rates

Check should be made out to the Wisconsin Rugby Referee Society and sent to the Treasurer, Joseph Ohm, at the following mailing address:

WRRS, Wisconsin Rugby Referee Society
PO Box 210693
Milwaukee, WI 53221

Venmo: @WRRSTreasurer (has WI Rugby logo as picture)

Below are official costs assessed by the Wisconsin Rugby Referee Society for services rendered by referees:

15s matches (college & senior) $100/match + mileage* + transaction fees

15s matches (high school) $100/match + mileage* + transaction fees. B-sides: free

15s tournaments (college & senior)$1/minute, unless 30 minute or longer per half (then full match fee) + mileage*

HS Boys State $1/minute (or, full match=$100) + mileage*

HS Girls State $1/minute (or, full match=$100) + mileage*

10s matches $25/match

7s matches $20/match

ARs/TJs $25/match + mileage*

Referee coaches $50/match

Referee evaluators $50/match

*Mileage is calculated at 50 cents/mile, not to exceed $100.

A 15% development fee is charged for all tournaments.